Saturday, December 7, 2013


Last night we met Jen's family for dinner and then attended the annual Christmas Tree lighting at Biola (all four of us graduated from there).  We had a lot of fun with them and the kids enjoyed seeing each other again.

The whole ceremony was about an hour and by far the highlight was the last 10 minutes, which included not only the lighting of the tree but "snow" pumped out onto the crowd. The kids (especially Kendall) loved it! Cam did great, despite the late night. He REALLY does not like to be out late and let kept us aware of this fact several times on the way home (he can get a tad obsessive about it). :) But it's good for him to be kept out every once and a while and even he'll admit the late night was worth the fun. :)

See us squinting in the sunlight? Yep, this is why we take our trips out to the desert, especially on days like today!! :)

The mall was extra crowded with Christmas shoppers, which made it more fun to walk around. We had some store credit at Children's Place and scored 3 pairs of jeans for Cam, which he was in desperate need of. I cannot believe how quickly he gets holes in those knees. :(

Both kids will head to bed early tonight seeing as neither slept in after last night (surprise, surprise).  Chris and I will separate after that since he has a "really good" football game he wants to watch. I have loads of Christmas movies which he wouldn't watch if his life depended on it. :)


Teresa DiMillo said...

Looks like great fun! Todd went to work at 4am so he could watch the Auburn game today, he's actually watching football now and I'm upstairs watch Oprah's Next Chapter. Nice compromise.

Jessica said...

Do you ever use the iron on patches for jeans? Ethan gets holes in his easy too, but if I catch them early an iron on patch will extend the life for a while longer.

Anonymous said...

You were squinting in the sun...while we were dashing in the cold rain. Yeah, gotta love living so close to the desert.