Tuesday, January 28, 2014

cake balls and cheap burgers

*Yesterday I took the kids to get flu shots. They did great. Cam asked to leave the room when it was Kendall's turn, but I had him stay and Kendall barely teared up. :)

*I find myself getting REALLY sad about losing my Kendall next year to kindergarten. Man I adore this little girl.

*We have been on a hummus kick lately. I mix it into my veggie lunch concoctions, put it on crackers for the kids, and make little snack wraps for Chris (1/2 a tortilla spread with hummus, wrapped around string cheese). This one is our favorite from Costco.

*I had a red velvet cake mix so I decided to make cake balls this past weekend. While I'm not a huge fan (too mushy of a texture maybe?), they sure are cute little things. 

(no, mine didn't look this pretty)

*This morning's question jar question was, "What do you think God looks like and if you could ask Him one question, what would it be?" Cam's response to how He would look was, "Long white robe, white skin, and a smile on his face." Love the, "smile on his face" part. So sweet.

*Woohoo for Red Robin gift cards. Double-woohoo for "1/2 price burgers" today (if you are a Royal Red Robin member)! Dinner taken care of!


Anonymous said...

High five for the kids getting their flu shots and not getting upset!!!

I know you ARE going to miss Kendall next year.

Jessica said...

You could always homeschool her :) I think part of the reason for me wanting another baby was because I was sad about the thought of Alayna going to school, I get it!

I wish my kids liked humus.

Flu shot didn't hurt at all, but man my arm ached ffor 24 hours after. Still kinda hurts.

Teresa DiMillo said...

You guys are on top of it, I still haven't gotten a flu shot :-/ the kids got theirs, but I'm still on the fence about one for me. Hummus, bleh!