Wednesday, January 8, 2014

food stuff

Yesterday morning I was so excited at the deals I got at our fruit stand. For $8.50 I got ALL THIS!!!

The peaches were on their way out so I cut up most of them to dry in my food dehydrator. Part of the sweet potato was cooked and the other part is awaiting my sweet potato chip experiment (I found on this blog). :) The cauliflower was riced and cooked.

The ricing was for this pizza crust I blogged about a while ago (the post also tells you how to rice). I swear it is the tastiest thing. Chris likes it and the kids and I LOVE it. :) You really must give it a try.

With the leftover "rice", I had the yummiest lunch: rice, sauteed peppers, onions, cabbage, sweet potato chunks, and feta.

I also used it to bulk up Chris' chicken and rice (real rice) bowl. I would say he tolerated the addition of the cauliflower. :)

Later in the afternoon the three of us took our first longer bike ride to a local park. I wanted a fun snack for when we got there and decided to make my own kettle corn. I thought it was really tasty. If you are expecting it to taste like the real thing, you might be disappointed (it's not THAT sweet), but the kids liked it so that was all that mattered. I just put a little oil and cinnamon sugar mixture in a bag with the kernels and meshed them around before adding them to a skillet for popping.

Along the lines of healthy eating, Chris recently joined a 6 week program with his bootcamp class in which all the participants keep track of their progress, post their progress, etc. Here is a pic of him during his initial fitness assessment. I think I could maybe lift one of these for 5 seconds before dropping it. :)

And lastly on a not so healthy note, I came across these little gems and think they would be AMAZING.


Anonymous said...

Uh, I'm not so sure you could lift one of those things even for 5 seconds.

I'm so impressed with all you did with that produce!

Sames Blogs said...

So when can we expect those Angel Food cake bites on a Thursday? :-)

Is he lifting bowling balls? :-)

Kelly said...

Mindy, I would think the churro bites would be best warm, but I'm willing to give them a shot for dessert Thursdays. :)