Monday, January 20, 2014

layered mexican cornbread salad

*This morning I took both kids with me to take the elderly man I help to the doctor.

Cam: Why can't he drive?
Kendall:  I know about older people, Cameron. Sometimes when old people get older and older, they are too old to drive...because they are older.

Clear things up? :)

*Last night we went to some friends' house for dinner. I brought this salad which was WONDERFUL!! I think the part that made it so yummy were the corn bread chunks. I actually used bottled ranch because I was too lazy to make her dressing (I think it might be even better with her's).

*Saturday night we were able to go out to dinner with our friends, Jeremy and Ana. We had a such a great time. We always have plenty to talk about, but I brought a long a baggie o' questions for fun too. :) Among the questions:

-What is one thing you love about your spouse?
-Would you be willing to drive a UPS truck everywhere (and couldn't tell people the real reason as to why) if it meant you could eat whatever you want and still be healthy and not gain weight?

*I'm still debating on the hair cut I posted a pic of last week. A friend of mine made a good point when she said, "Knowing you, you would find a way to pin it back, put it in a ponytail, etc..." Too true. I'm just not good at cute styles where my hair is in my face. I want it back and off my neck. Hmmm...


Jessica said...

That Ups truck question cracked me up :)

Teresa DiMillo said...

The UPS question is a no brainer.... 100% YES!!!!