Monday, January 6, 2014

coffee creamer

*I use coffee creamer a couple times a day in my hot chocolate. While it's just a teaspoon or two at a time, I decided to at least go "natural" in the sense of no chemicals. Granted, I still drink diet soda but every little bit helps, right?

*So I've realized that taking 3+ weeks off from working out basically puts me back to ground zero. Yesterday was my first workout and I was sore by evening and this morning's workout was brutal. Lesson learned :)

*It was annoyingly windy yesterday so we ventured a couple towns away to a park. What was my favorite part? The fact that it got so warm I had to take off my jacket!

*One of my favorite Christmas presents from my in-laws was a new Kindle. I've already finished my first book. It's also nice because if I ever go somewhere like Starbucks with free Wi-Fi, I can check my email with it (since I don't have a Smartphone). I'm still working on joining more library districts so I have access to free books.

*Chris and the kids watched Despicable Me II yesterday (while I read). They laughed so much and it was the cutest thing.

*School starts back today and I think the thing I'm looking forward to the least is advanced meal prepping. Over the break we had no time schedule so I didn't need to prep snacks, lunches, etc. way beforehand.

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Anonymous said...

So what IS in the ingredient list on the natural creamers? I'm curious.