Wednesday, January 1, 2014

holidays are over...

We have had two wonderful Christmas celebrations with both sides of the family. Here are some snapshots:

*Christmas Eve day was pretty low key, including a viewing of Elf. 

*Later we attended the Christmas Eve service at church. I love this shot of Kendall. Both kids did awesome sitting quietly during the whole service, but you can tell she had reached her limit and was ready to go. :)

*After church we headed to my parents for dinner (and some reading time ;)

*Christmas morning included what we've now deemed Christmas Bread (I've now made this the past few Christmas mornings). After the kids opened their stockings, we hung out and waited for my parents to arrive. Presents and a yummy lunch followed.

*The day after Christmas we headed up north for several days with Chris' parents and his brother's family. Here is our trip to their family favorite restaurant, Espe's.

Making Jello salad.

 Opening presents.

*Here are the cousins in their new Christmas outfits. Believe it or not this pic only took about 30 seconds to get. My SIL had the brilliant idea (after several "How many pictures are we going to take???") of telling them that we'll take as many pictures as it takes to get good smiles. They grasped the concept and ran with it!

*Last night my parents came to watch the kids while Chris and I saw a movie and went to dinner. I don't remember the last time we went to the theater! :)

*This morning I woke up early to start my workouts again. like woke up and decided to start back Monday. For sure. Monday. For real.  :) Instead, I went and cleaned bootcamp and then picked up a couple of these as a treat for the kids' breakfast before heading home.

Later while Chris washed the car, I took the kids to Loma Linda Medical clinic here in town. No, no one was sick. We went to play. :) I often take the elderly man/client there and Kendall has grown to love the outdoors area with the stream and fountain. Cam has always been curious when we talk about it. Since it was New Years and most of the office building was closed, I took them to run around and ride their scooters in the parking lot. Thanks, Loma Linda :)

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Anonymous said...

You truly are the queen of finding free things to do. Who else would go to play on a medical center's grounds on a holiday? :)