Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Nothing too exciting going on around here...

*Today I met with the school psych at Cam's school. I wanted to pick her brain about ways in which we can help him in a certain area. It was a good meeting. :)

*Last night while Chris was at softball, I started Food Inc. Wow. Umm...I think Chris would have probably chosen to stay home from softball if it would have meant I didn't watch this. :) I'm only 1/2 way through but so far meat = bad (obviously in addition to processed crap and sugar). I'm still unclear if the production of meat is bad or if it's meat in and of itself. I'll keep you posted as I know you are dying to know. :)

*The kids have been on a board game kick lately. The game of choice is Candyland, made even more fun by substituting Lego men for the game pieces.  Also, I'm not one of those parents who ever cheats to end a game early if it has gone on a really, really, really long time. Never. ;)

*I love this warm weather we've been having. I hate the wind we have here in our little town. Ugh.

*Kendall is excited to go with me to Jazzercise tonight. The friend I attend with is bringing her four year old for a little Jazzercise playdate in the childcare.

*Not watching the Bachelor this season. We got rid of cable and while I technically could watch it (I would just have to always watch it live), I just was never into Juan Pablo. Accents do not make me swoon like they apparently make most of the gals who are watching. :)

*Okay, so I get that boys burp and it's a phase they go through, blah, blah, blah. But I can't understand how Cam could possibly have as much gas as he does. I'll be honest. It's REALLY annoying and I hope this phase ends soon!

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Jessica said...

I watched ten minutes of the Bachelor and got really bored. I don't dig accents either.

Maybe all that gas is due to the beans you sneak into their food ;)