Saturday, January 25, 2014

more hiking

We very rarely do two hikes in one week, but we had such a great time last Monday I decided to find a new one for today. Chris went golfing with some friends from college so the kids and I headed out to the desert. We hiked The Randall Henderson Loop and had a great time. It was two miles with 1/2 being uphill so I was super impressed that the kids did so well (with minimal "When will it be done?" from Cam). :)

Here we are by the visitor center. They had a little station with all the different paw prints one might see on the trail. We didn't see anything but foot prints but it was still a fun way to start out the hike. :)

We were pooped when done and an iced coffee from McDonald's sounded soooo good. Usually when I get a giftcard to somewhere I try to space it out and not use it too quickly. I've been terrible at this with my McDonald's card. I'm addicted to these things and this was the third one this week. :( I need to tone it down.

Speaking of giftcards, Kendall has discovered a new game. We usually get to Cam's school a little early at pick up. To pass the time we play "the giftcard game". Basically I show each one to her (flashcard style) and she has to guess where it is from. She LOVES this. Sidenote: The huge stack she is holding is not all giftcards. Some are rewards cards, store credit, etc. :)

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