Friday, January 3, 2014


It's been over a year since we last went to IKEA and Cam has mentioned it several times since. So we loaded up yesterday and made the trek to Covina. We had a great time. Unfortunately the big draw for the kids, the play area, was a disappointment as the ball pit (what they had been really looking forward to) was closed. But it was still fun :)

I used some of my Christmas money to get a new bike. We had never been able to go far on the rides because I was stuck running alongside them. I'm so happy to now be able to join them.

This morning we took our first ride up to the donut shop. I've been much more lax on the healthy eating for the kids over this Christmas break...hence this donut the size of her face. :) 

I cannot begin to tell you how frustrated I am at this library book I cannot find. They are wanting to charge me $25 (a new one on Amazon is $6.50. Go figure). I've turned this house upside down and I'm beginning to wonder if the mistake is on their end. So today we are headed to the library so I can comb their shelves. Grrrr.....


Anonymous said...

Another of your free/cheap days of fun--IKEA!

Kelly said...

Well...if you don't count the gas it took to get there. It takes about 50 minutes. :)

Anonymous said...

Kelly, Did you find the missing library book? If not, will your library let you just replace the book instead of pay the fine?

Hope it works out!

Bonnie K. :)