Tuesday, August 12, 2014


*This morning we ran a few errands.

We first went to Cameron's school to drop off his, "IEP Cheat Sheet". Each year, I write a letter "from Cameron" to his new teacher. I simply give her a few insights that might help her understand more of how he works. This morning I brought up the one I did for last year's teacher as reference. It was neat for me to see that one of the things I talked about could be deleted, as it wasn't a big enough issue to even mention. Progress :)

We then went to the fruit stand where all of these grapes cost me just 80 cents! They will only last a day or two so I've decided to try freezing them. I'm not a big fan of frozen grapes as a snack, but hopefully the kids will be. :)

After the fruit stand came the library. While I was not searching for anything in particular, I just happened to glance at a book shelf and stumbled upon, So You Think You Know Harry Potter? (a quiz book on the series). What could be more perfect??!!

*The manager of Little Caesar's wrote me an email in response to the complaint I sent. Her explanation did nothing to change my frustration on behalf of those employees. However this issue isn't really the hill I want to die on, so I'll let it be. :)

*Chris and I are now on the last season of Parks and Rec. I'm going to be bummed when we are done because we love the show. We've really grown attached to the characters. :)

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