Friday, August 8, 2014

harry potter

*Back when Cam was first born, I had a TERRIBLE time with breastfeeding. I was so discouraged. One day I unloaded on my sister in an email. She ended up forwarding it to her friend, Karen, who wrote me a super encouraging response. From that point on, the three of us have emailed each other sometimes daily, sometimes monthly, but always consistently. I value our three-way friendship so much. The other night we got to meet for dinner (she is from OC) and it was fun to get together face to face. :)

*We are having trouble in the sleep department due to our neighbor's dog. As a light sleeper, it affects Chris more than me (he was awake from 2am-5am the other night). He talked with the neighbor and she was very apologetic, but it happened again the following night.
Hmm... :(

*We went to Yucaipa Regional this week and had a fantastic time.

*Last night was Cameron and my second Harry Potter date. We finished the second book yesterday and watched the movie last night. It was a tad long (almost three hours!!), but well worth it for how much he looooved watching it with me.

*We've been doing lots of swimming lately. Kendall usually falls asleep in the car on the way home within five minutes. One day she waited until we got home...I was quite happy. :)

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Jessica said...

Our neighbors at our old house had a dog that barked as night, I won't even tell you the thoughts that ran through my head in the middle of the night. I am always curious how that doesn't bother the owners. I wouldn't be able to sleep if our dog was barking at night.