Saturday, August 23, 2014

pre-birthday party

Next weekend Cam turns 8. Since we'll be up north, we celebrated with my side of the family today. Chris started out by taking the kids to "breakfast #2". But today's breakfast #2 was special because it came in the form of an ENORMOUS donut for Cam.

Yes, it was THAT big. No, he didn't eat the whole thing. :)

While they were gone I got to work on our present for Cam, new room decor.  Numbers and Cameron are good friends. He loves math, time, statistics, etc. I could not pass up this bedspread recently at IKEA. It's full of clocks and compasses. :) He loved it!! :)

Later my family arrived and we hung out for a while before eating lunch.

After lunch and presents, we had Cam's birthday cake.

I think he had a great day. Each time I told him what a fun day we had he would say, "Yep! But it's only the beginning!" (since we will also celebrate up north next weekend). :)

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Anonymous said...

Ah, that's our boy! What a handsome picture of him holding his pillow. Very clever cake, mom!