Tuesday, August 19, 2014

holding doors for women

*The past few school days have been great in that I have kept myself extremely busy while the kids are away. I like to feel like I've accomplished something by the time I pick them up. I've done this by:

-grocery shopping
-working on getting things going with my dad so I can help him with his business
-working on Cam's birthday present from us, a semi-redecorated room (new bedspread, rug, and curtains)
-food prepping (muffins, snack bread, etc.)
-baking for a dinner with friends tomorrow. My sister's family is also going and our friend asked her to bring dessert and myself to bring a salad. I am no bueno at making salads, so I made Susan switch :) I'm making brownies...and thesewhich I've made before and are wonderful!

*This past Sunday Chris and I split up for the afternoon. He and Cam went to a friend's house for Cam's first ever viewing of Star Wars. He loved it!!!

While they were gone, Kendall and I went to Michael's to get a craft. I hate how I ALWAYS forget to print out the 40% off coupon. Ugh!!

*The other day as we were entering a store Cam said, "I wish men didn't ALWAYS have to hold the door for women. But I guess that is okay because women have to have babies and that is very painful."


Jessica said...

Glad your school days have gone well, I was curious what you've been up to :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, that's a funny statement by our Cam Man!

You're doin' well, Mama, in adjusting to life after pre-school.


Teresa DiMillo said...

Those chocolate cookie thingys are divine!!! I tried making them, they umm, I just don't have your special touch :-/ I'm so glad you've been able to stay busy while the kids are in school. If you have the coupon in an email, they can scan your phone so you don't have to print anything out. :)