Monday, August 25, 2014

maple chick peas

*A couple weeks ago we had a HUGE rain. It was quite interesting for the kiddos to watched the streets get so flooded...

*The other night I made homemade mac and cheese (I typically make this once a week for the kids). Somehow I curdled the milk in the process, making it nasty looking. Not having the energy to make something else, we attempted Chinese food for the first time with the kids. They LOVED the orange chicken, but not so much the chow mein. How on earth could one not like buttery tasting noodles!!?? Oh, well.

*Today was our first day of homework. It went pretty well. Cam isn't the biggest fan, but it helps that he gets paid, "class cash" from his teacher for completing it. Kendall was really into it and I hope that enthusiasm lasts a while. :)

*Dinner tonight: 
Kids and I: Salmon burgers
Chris: Turkey burger

*I made some yummy maple glazed chick peas today. I thought they were a great snack, but I didn't even attempt them with the kids. I know they would have been a no-go. I will surely make them again for myself, though. :)

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Jessica said...

The chick peas sound yummy. We've been having salmon burgers once a week all summer :)