Thursday, August 14, 2014


The past few years we've started a tradition of going out to dinner the night before school starts. We surprised the kids yesterday by also including an afternoon at the Palm Desert water park. We had been once last summer and the kids loooved it!

I cannot believe Cameron jumped off the high dive. Such a champ! Take a look...

Afterward we went to Red Robin for dinner. The kids love this restaurant. Kendall's meal usually consists of 10% meal and 90% fries. :)

So this morning was our big day. Both kids were excited and a tad nervous about starting school. 

I took Kendall and Chris took Cam due to their starting times. Kendall did amazing and showed no signs of fear whatsoever. I was suprised that I didn't cry at all...until I got into the car. One glance in the backseat at her empty car seat and the tears started flowing. 

Chris had suggested we meet afterward for coffee to debrief (and also knowing I would probably be a wreck). It helped a lot to talk to him and get my mind off Kendall by hearing all about Cameron. While a little emotional at first, he also did great.

So now to my new phase as mom. I need to realize that it isn't like my role as mom is ending, it's just changing in that my kids don't need me 24/7. And that's okay...I think. ;)


Jessica said...

That looks like such a neat 🏊 place! I'm very impressed with Cameron's jumping off the high dive!

Yay for a good first day of school,you made it through the hardest part! And I think school aged kids need us more than ever, it's just that the structure of our day definitely changes. To be honest I'm a little jealous of your 1:00 pick up time and that you still get to have afternoons with your kids. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm sooo very happy and thankful that they had such good beginnings to their school year. And you and Chris did great! It's hard!!!

I cannot BELIEVE Cameron jumped off that high dive. I'M probably too chicken to do that!

Teresa DiMillo said...

You survived!! That water park looks fun, we'll have to go there next summer!