Monday, August 11, 2008


This past week Chris made his annual guys trip to Vegas. They had a great time as usual. Wendy and Ana spent Saturday with me as we awaited their return. Once they got back, both kiddos went to bed at the same time, giving us a good chunk of time to hang out as adults. It would be the last time for a long time that the six of us would be together as Noah and Wendy are moving to Oregon next week. We will be so sad to see them go but are excited for this new phase of their lives. The six of us have remained close friends over the past few years despite our move out here and now their move up north. Seems like we always have such great conversation when we are together...which I LOVE!

Sunday we headed out to their area for their going away party. Here are some pics.

The Vegas crew...

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Mom said...

Good friends are one of the greatest blessings God gives us. And having to say goodbye is awfully hard. I've had to do it too many times myself. Wish the 6 of you could live in close proximity for many more years--as you raise your kids together and everything. :o(