Wednesday, August 13, 2008

we are toast

About 3 minutes down the road is a shopping center. Guess what is going in? Frugos. For those of you unlucky enough to never have visited such a place, it is one of those do it yourself frozen yogurt shops (that I've blogged about before).

One word: DEADLY. Since my Starbucks card/limit policy is working quite well, I told Chris that we'll need to come up with some sort of policy for Frugos. Otherwise, we will be there every single day. Mmmm...I can just taste the cookies and cream yogurt with brownies, oreos, caramel, cookie dough...

On a sidenote, it has been so yucky, hot, and humid today! We went to the park this morning and only lasted about 15 minutes. Thank goodness for places like Inland Center and their play areas!

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Jessica said...

mmmm... I love Frugos :) That place is dangerous! We have one in Yucaipa.