Saturday, August 23, 2008

really??? I mean....really??

A while back as I was walking, I saw ahead two nice looking women walking their strollers. I thought, "How nice. Probably two grandmas getting together to walk the grandkids." As I approached, I realized I was quite wrong. The strollers weren't occupied by cute little cooing babies, but dogs. Yes, dogs. Do I need to say anymore?? Feel free to argue how you think this is actually somehow cute, because for the life of me I don't see it!

Anyway, here are some interesting facts about animals I found.

*Some frogs sing when the weather is going to change.
*A cats tongue is rough because the tiny barbs act as little scoops to help it drink.
*Lizards smell things with their tongues.
*Turtles have no teeth
*Bees have two stomachs, a honey stomach and a regular stomach.
*A dragon fly's life span is 24 hours.
*A lobster's life span is 50 years.


Jessica said...

I've seen people push their dogs in stroller too! I've seen it several times in Cabazon. Aren't dogs supposed to exercise? I think it's pretty rediculous.

Mom said...

Yeah, why in the world would you push a dog in a stroller??? People have to get out & "walk their dogs" even when they don't want to--simply because the dogs need exercise. Am I missing a logical explanation here? If so, someone fill me in, too.

noonie said...

well, the way I see push your "pride and joy" in a stroller therefore they are pushing their "pride and joy"....
just a thought:)

Team Harry said...

Interesting facts!!! I love your 'Headline'... is that from Saturday night live?? I don't understand y they don't give their dogs some exercise.. it usually helps the dog go #2... I've never understood any person that treats their animal like a human...