Monday, September 22, 2008

just takes a couple minutes

Back when my sister was in college, she spent a summer in Yellow Stone working as a hotel maid (with Campus Crusade for Christ). When she returned and began describing her day to day routine of cleaning each room, she commented on how wonderful it was to come across a room in which the people had stripped the beds for her. While I'm sure she had gotten the routine down to just a few minutes, I can just imagine how nice it was to enter a room and not have to do yet another set of beds.

Ever since, whenever we have stayed at a hotel, I have stripped the beds right before leaving. Usually I'm not that in the mood to do it, especially if Cam is anxious to leave. But I figured that if it brightened someone's dull routine of cleaning room after room, it was worth it. This is something I never would have thought of had it not been for my sister's first hand experience with it.


Mom said...

Oh, I forgot about stripping the bed. I always clean up any trash & pile the used towels, but a stripped bed would REALLY make for a nice surprise for the maid. Thanks, Maid Susan.

susan said...

Oh, GOOD FOR YOU!!!! Yes, stripped beds were great. (We had to separate the pillowcases from the sheets, so that is nice if they aren't in a huge pile all mixed together too. I usually leave a heap of sheets and another of pillowcases.)

Also nice:

1- all used towels in a big pile on bathroom floor

2- all nasty used soap thrown in trashcan

3- little tip on pillow (Of COURSE that's not necessary, but it's nice to leave a couple of bucks that the maids all pool together. It somehow makes you, the little people, feel appreciated.)

And yeah, "that's what the maid is there for," but garsh, it's a hard physical job and you don't get paid much (and picking hairs out of bathmats is not a glamorous job for sure).... so it DOES brighten your day to walk into a room where people have just put in 2 mins. of effort to help you a little.

Of course, you could always take your own sleeping bag and sleep on the floor so we wouldn't have to redo the beds at all..... =)

Thumbs up on your post!!!! =)

Team Harry said...

That is a great idea!! I always try to clean up but I have never actually stripped the beds.
I did just hear something on TV about how you should tip your maid everyday instead of the end of the trip because they may change shifts and not be on duty the day you leave. I think it helps to leave a tip everyday cause they give you 100% while they clean!!

Jessica said...

I always pile all the towels but I haven't stripped the beds. Perhaps I will next time :)

Mom said...

Just think of all the maids who will get a lift out of walking into a room inhabited by your blog readers. :o)