Monday, February 16, 2009

random things

Although I don't have Facebook (nothing against it...just don't want to add yet another thing to my computer stuff), but a few of my friends have told me or blogged about something that is going around, which is 25 random things about yourself. I'm not going to do 25, I'll just start and see how far I get...

1. The only bone I've ever broken was in my foot. It happened back when The Never Ending Story II came out. As we pulled up to the theater, I stepped out too soon and the back wheel of the car rolled over my foot. Needless to say we didn't see the movie.

2. I have NEVER in my life had a chocolate dessert that I considered "too rich".

3. Ever since I was a kid, I would cry if anyone raised their voice or scolded me (like a teacher). This hasn't happened much as an adult (because adults don't tend to scold other adults too much), but even if I can sense someone is frustrated with me...I'll have to fight back tears.

4. I have never liked saunas or steam rooms. I see absolutely no point in sweating that much unless you are burning calories...and I don't quite believe it "cleanses" you enough to warrant the sweat either.

5. People used to tell me that you could never explain the type of love you have for a child until you have/adopt one of your own. I now completely agree and find it almost scary at times to think about how much I love little Cam.

6. I have always secretly wanted bleach blond hair (I mean like white bleach). I'm debating giving it a try once I get my normal self back (after baby that is).

7. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people are late, without calling. I'm pretty easy going about it as long as you at least call to let me know and aren't late EVERY time we meet.

8. Things I used to HATE as a kid but like now: onions, sour cream, nuts in fruit salad (but ONLY fruit salad, never dessert), coconut, tomatoes in moderation. :)

9. One thing I regret not doing before kids was taking a few cooking classes. I LOVE to cook/bake and think it would be so fun to learn new recipes every week and actually make them in class.

10. My all time favorite show is Felicity.

11. For some reason Renee Zellweger kind of bugs me.

12. Over the past few years, people have asked me if it is hard to have Chris work at home, meaning do we get sick of one another. I don't think it would be abnormal if we did, but we don't at all. I actually am bummed when he has to spend a day out in OC for business.

13. Ice cream is ok, but not my favorite dessert by any means...unless it is about 1/3 ice cream and 2/3 stuff (meaning toppings like oreos, brownies, etc.)

15. Jen Scholte has been my best friend since Jr. High...something pretty cool about having a friend who has literally seen you through almost EVERYTHING. :)

16. My dream vacation would be some place tropical, hot, and at a super nice resort. I'm not a fan of international travel...except if it is to see my sister.

17. I don't like cats and would never own one, but I do find really fat ones quite adorable.

18. Probably not really new news as I have mentioned her before, but I LOVE Dr. Laura. I agree with 98% of what she says. Yes, there are a few things I don't agree with...but overall she has helped me, my marriage, my perspective on mommyhood, etc. IMMENSELY. If you think she is too harsh...get over it and just listen to what she is saying. :)

Ok...I'll quite here. I can't think of much else. Would love to hear anyone else give this a try!!


The Urke Family said...

Yay kelly! you did it!!
funny, renee zellweger kinda bugs me too, but i don't know why cause shes a great actress.
and when is dr laura on?

Mom said...

Oh, what a painful memory that broken foot is--since I was the one who ran over it--ugh! Did I feel awful!

My dream vacation is almost anywhere if I could be zapped there without travel. --Mom