Sunday, February 8, 2009


This morning Chris woke up feeling rather yucky. I ended up taking Cam to my parent's church. To be quite honest, I wimp out quite often on going to our own church simply because Cam does so well at Trinity (my parent's). This is due in large part to the fact that he is there for Bible Study every Wed. and my mom's group every other Friday. Knowing I have a guaranteed service of relaxing and not having to worry about him...I many times head toward Trinity.

Anyway, upon my return we prepared for our first nap in the big boy bed. I couldn't believe it but we had success...easy success!! After reading our books, I had him climb up and explained that we were going to take our nap on our big boy bed today. He fussed and started to squirm down, to which I used my firm mommy voice and said, "Cameron, you need to stay on the bed. We are taking our nap on our big boy bed." After leaving the room, he cried for 2 minutes, talked for 15, then was out! I never had to go back in and put him back on the bed!! He did sleep for a shorter amount of time than is normal, but it was still a success! Here is to hoping this continues. We will try the nighttime next week.

After nap we headed to Target. I needed a few things, but mainly wanted to give us something to do since we couldn't go outside. Right now Cam is watching his new favorite TV show, Oswald (thanks Rebekah!). We were excited to learn about this since it adds to the whopping one show he will normally watch. :) It is super slow paced and simple, which appeals to our little guy.

That's about all for our Sunday. Tonight we'll catch up on some Lost and eat frozen pizza. I know...all too exciting around here!!

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