Tuesday, June 26, 2012

it's a 10!!!

I recently saw a segment on the news about healthy kids' snacks.  One of them was popcorn that you make in a brown lunch sack.  We tried it today and the kids enjoyed the prep as well as the final product. :)

Tonight's dinner included chicken sausage, salad, and the YUMMIEST Cottage Cheese Pancakes!!!  The recipe actually has sweet toppings (syrup, fruit...as you can see in the pic), but I changed it up and sprinkled a little cheese on top so I could serve them as a side.  I altered it a tad by cutting the butter down to 2 tbls. and using half whole wheat flour.  I thought they were so gooey and yummy and felt they deserved a 10.  The kids devoured them!!

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Anonymous said...

Cottage cheese pancakes as a side for dinner--who would've thought?