Thursday, June 28, 2012

*Today during Kendall's nap I told Cam that I was going to do a workout DVD for 20 minutes and I gave him some activity sheets I had printed out to work on.  He was very intrigued by this exercise his mom was doing and decided to move his work station into the room I was in so he could watch me.  Exercising, turns out, is quite amusing for him to watch. :)

*Tomorrow is our last day for Camp TLC.  I have SO enjoyed my time teaching and the kids have been in heaven each day in their class.  I don't think I could ever truly get into cupcake decorating simply because it would be too stressful for me to do them for adults.  Kids are MUCH less particular about their horse that is supposed to be brown and white, but ends up with an orange neck/head. :)

*Dinner tonight was a mesh of leftovers:
Kids: Cheese pancakes, chicken, veggies
Kelly: Cheese pancakes, veggies mixed with pinto beans
Chris:  Costco Orange Chicken (a favorite of ours)

*I wish there was a yogurt that had less sugar than the regular kind, tasted good, but also didn't have artificial sweetners (for some reason I can taste that aftertaste in yogurt especially).


Anonymous said...

It was fun seeing all those little kiddies standing around the island following your directions for decorating their cupcakes today. Post the cowboy--he was too cute!

susan said...

cute cupcakes!!!! so glad you had fun! I love to picture Cameron watching you exercise, so intrigued. =)

Anonymous said...

Oops, you're right--you did post the cowboy. I just didn't notice his Pringles hat because of the angle of the camera.

Yes, I like picturing Cameron's fascination with your exercising, too. I think it's cool that you still are enjoying doing the workout.