Saturday, October 13, 2012

daddy/Kendall and mommy/Cameron day

A few weeks ago I asked Chris to take Kendall for a few hours so I could take Cam to a birthday party yesterday.  Chris decided to make it a super fun afternoon and took Kendall to Disneyland since they had never gone just the two of them.

They had such a great day and it was fun for me to get pic texts throughout the day of everything they did.

One thing I love about Kendall is how easy she is to take to ANY store.  She just loves to look around and pick things up.  One of Chris' texts was how many gift shops they had been in, as opposed to when we all go (Cam isn't as into "browsing").

Cameron and I had a fun afternoon together.  After school we headed to McDonald's for some play time.  I had just gotten settled at a table with my iced coffee and newspaper when he announced (after 10 minutes) he was done.  Oh, well. :)  We then went to my mom's to kill some time until the party.  

The birthday party was at a bowling alley and Cameron LOVED every minute of it.  There is something so cool for kids about seeing their classmates in places other than school. :)  

One of the teen bowling alley employees was responsible for cutting the cake.  I gave her a break since she probably didn't have kids, but the pieces she served were the size of Cameron's head!  I knelt down and told Cam he would get a tummy ache if he ate the whole thing, and luckily he let me lop off half his piece and throw it away (wow, I sound like a real birthday killjoy, huh?). :)

Overall it was a very fun, "divide and conquer" day for us and the kids. :)


Anonymous said...

Oh that birthday killjoy thing made me laugh out loud. =) SO glad he had fun!!! And I also got a kick out of all Kendall's browsing. =)

Jessica said...

Lol, sometimes I feel like birthday parties are so overkill with the sugar! At some point you have to cut them off!

Glad you could each have fun days :-)