Wednesday, October 17, 2012

*On Sunday afternoon Cameron spent 4 1/2 hours straight working on building one of his Legos sets.  Holy cow!!  Put him in front of a pile of Legos and tell him to go at it?  He'll last 5 minutes.  Put him in front of detailed instructions to follow? He'll last 4 1/2 hours. :)

*Reason #435,365 why my daughter is too cute for words:

Me:  Can you drink some more water?
Kendall:  I don't want to.
Me:  But water is so good for you!  Remember how we talked about beans having a party in your tummy?  Well, water has parties too because it's so healthy!
Kendall:  Oh!!  So it's like a swimming pool for the food!! :)

*I felt SUPER old today when I read that Stacey Dash, an actress from one of my all time favorite movies, Clueless, is 46!!!

(she's in the middle)

* Reason #435,366 why my daughter is too cute for words:  She looks soooo adorable in her new bob haircut. :)


Anonymous said...

Love the haircut!

Stacey Dash is one beautiful 46-year-old, and she just got lambasted on Twitter for supporting Mitt Romney, but defended herself well.

Anonymous said...

Oops--that was from Mom.