Monday, October 22, 2012

We just got back from a mini vacation with the kids.  That's what we've started calling our trips up to my in-laws.  We always have such a fun time and it's actually relaxing, which we never thought could go hand in hand on a trip with kids. :)  Some of the happenings:

*Going to the kids' favorite pumpkin patch

*Lots of baking for Cameron and grandma (pumpkin cookies, homemade rolls, etc.)

*Attending the soccer game of some friends' son.  Cameron made a cute sign to cheer him on.  Afterward we all hung out at McDonald's while the kids played

*Enjoying having Chris' grandma stay for the weekend.  She loves to have the kids come in each morning to wake her up. :)

*Enjoying three Hallmark movies with Chris' mom as well as reading all the magazines she had stocked for my arrival

*Celebrating Chris' birthday

It was such a fun weekend and the kids did NOT want to go home.  We left Sunday morning. We like to get home close to bedtime since we are all tired and there is nothing fun about staring at the clock and thinking we have an entire afternoon of kid entertaining. :)  One of our stops usually includes the mall in Valencia for lunch and playtime

Right before bed I had to snap this cute shot of Kendall snuggling with daddy while they watched baseball.  She was actually quite into it and asked lots of questions

Thank you grandma and grandpa for a great weekend!!


Anonymous said...

What a great weekend! So sweet to see the kids waking up Grandma Wanda.

Jessica said...

how nice that a trip like that could actually be relaxing! Sounds like you have some really great in-laws :)