Wednesday, October 31, 2012

happy halloween

Our kids were very much looking forward to today.  We've noticed that Cam wakes extra early when he is excited about something.  This morning he came down at 6:15 and said, "Do you know what time my eyes awakened?  4:51!  But I just stayed in there until now" Thank goodness he didn't get up then!!  Yikes!

This Halloween we decided to skip the carnivals and just trick-or-treat.  We had such a great time. The kids were SOOOO into it.  Cam wasn't scared a bit even when we went to a house that even I thought was a tad freaky.  Kendall needed one of us to accompany her to most of the doors but she was equally as excited to add to the heaviness of her bucket. :)

My little princess and pirate:

Sorting through their loot:

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Anonymous said...

Ah, so glad they have a fun time.