Tuesday, October 23, 2012

more pumpkin stuff

I have been wanting to try a savory pumpkin dish and tonight was the night.  I used a recipe from Chris' uncle for pumpkin enchiladas and it turned out very tasty.  I made a couple of tweaks, per his recommendation.  They are very healthy and Cam gave them several, "These are awesome!!" :)  Up next will be a savory dish with a creamy slant, rather than tomato base.

Speaking of pumpkins, I took the kids to a local pumpkin patch today (Greenspot Farms).  I love this place as it is small, rustic, and almost always not crowded (nothing wrong with big commercial ones, but I love the quaintness of this place).  We had such a fun time and it was well worth skipping the nap. :)

Here are the kids in their "Honey House" (that is a mannequin next to them).

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Anonymous said...

I agree about Greenspot Farms...did they play in the bush maze?

When are you going to try the pumpkin chili?