Sunday, October 14, 2012

*Last week I accompanied Cam's class to Oak Glen for an apple tour.  I actually learned quite a lot!!

*While we were at the field trip, my mom and Kendall went to my moms' group outing at a pumpkin patch. :)

*Chris' birthday is tomorrow and he requested his favorite cookies.  I made them SUPER easily this time.  I made chocolate cookies out of a cake mix (just added 1/2 cup oil and 2 eggs) and then sandwiched them between store bought German Chocolate frosting.

 *This below is SOOO me!!  For some reason, I hate having to walk those 10 feet back to the car from our kitchen for another load. :)

*I'm browsing Pinterest to try and find a good chore chart/system.  I know I need to get one going, I'm just dragging my feet. :)

*How cute is this dress?
*The other day I was telling Cameron that his teacher and I had talked and we are going to have him start reading, "even bigger boy books" now.  To this he responded, "You mean books that have words like 'absolutely' and 'incredible' in them?"  :)

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Anonymous said...

LOVE the "absolutely and incredible" comment!! too cute!