Thursday, October 4, 2012

*Kendall is still having a rough time pretty much in any nursery situation.  Even yesterday at Bible Study when she had her favorite teacher she was described as, "being on the verge" the entire time, not even letting her teacher walk across the room without her.  Last night was parents' night at Awana.  In this pic the kids were sitting directly in front of the parents, yet you can see she had to be on her teacher's lap facing toward me rather than the front of the room.  It's also interesting that she has taken on her brother's feelings toward other kids crying.  It's no where near Cam's dislike, but somehow he has rubbed off on her to where she'll many times start crying simply if another child starts to cry in her class.  :(  Hmmm....

*I could do another month of hot weather.  I'm ready for fall because of the Holidays, but not the weather.

*Did you know that if camels don't get enough water, their humps sag to the side??

*While I know whole wheat pasta is healthier than white, I still can never give Chris a decent size portion that will actually fill him up.  So the other night I poured his spaghetti sauce over cut up steamed potato chunks.  At first he was like, "What the heck is this??" However afterward he admitted to really liking it, as well as how big of a portion I as able to give him. :)

*That's about it...down to make breakfast...which takes a while considering everyone has something different!

Breakfast almost EVERY morning:

Kendall:  Rice Krispies (I make a big deal over hearing them "pop")
Cam:  Waffles (black bean this time) and banana
Chris: Either protein smoothie, oatmeal, cereal, or egg whites with cheese
Kelly:  Yogurt/cottage cheese combo with raw oats, flax seed, and Rice Krispies for crunch :)

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