Friday, October 5, 2012

*I've decided Friday afternoons will be "fun Fridays" around here.  Nothing extravagant will be planned, just something different from the usual.  Last week we went to the mall for an Auntie Annie's pretzel lunch and playtime.  Today we went to the 99 cent store to find some fun Halloween decorations.

*My panel talk was today for my moms' group.  I think it went well.  Of course I always second guess myself and wish I had said some things and omitted others, but hopefully it was well received and the girls listening were able to take away a few kitchen tips from myself and the three others who were on it with me. :)

*Normally I'm pretty good about having treats around the house and not devouring them.  But lately I cannot keep my hands out of these two items.  Sidenote:  we don't normally have this large amount of yogurt covered pretzels.  Knowing how much I adore them, Chris went a little overboard at WinCo.  I was surprised at the amount he bought...however secretly I wasn't disappointed. :)  I will say that the next cracker purchase will be Wheat Thins, which are lower on my cracker list of favorites. :)

*When you have a mom who loves to cook/bake, how do you melt her heart?

1.  Randomly tell her you want to start writing the recipes for your lunches (i.e. "put peanut butter on bread, spread jelly," etc.).
2.  Tell her you want to make a recipe box so you can put your recipes (some a few pages long due to very large print!) inside.

3.  When asked what you want to be when you grow up for a school poster put, "chef". :)

 *We've tried several new shows this fall and have had rotten luck.  We are still trying Ben and Kate as well as Last Resort, but there isn't one show that makes me excited for next week's episode (like I was for shows like Damages or Lost).  Seems like shows have gotten more unrealistic, cheesy, and just not as funny.

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Anonymous said...

Kelly - your blog wouldn't let me comment on the last post, and it might not now, but here goes. I loved this post! =) My comments: 1) I think every day at your house is "Fun Day." You do so many fun things with C and K. =) 2) I think you should do a separate blog post about your panel talk. 3) I LOVE Cam's recipe box!!!!!!!