Thursday, May 8, 2014


My little girl turned five yesterday. Chris asked me how I felt about it. I told him that I was actually okay. First day of kinder when she leaves me? THAT will be a different story. :)

Anyway, the night before we filled her room with balloons and she woke to her breakfast request, coffee cake. We then had her open her presents. Here she is holding Frozen, which was VERY exciting.

This whole week, in honor of her birthday, we've allowed her to chew one piece of gum a day. This is a BIG highlight of her day as she just recently learned how to chew without swallowing it.

In the afternoon we all went to Color Me Mine where the kids each got to pick out something to paint. They really, really liked this!

We had a giftcard to pay for this trip...and even still I gotta say, this place is a tad too expensive in my humble opinion. :)

 Our second gift card was well worth it...a trip to Red Robin. Kendall remembered her last birthday we took her here and was quite excited for the birthday sundae they brought.

Words could NEVER, EVER express how much I love this little princess. Wow. :)


Sames Blogs said...

Find some big rocks and paint those. So much can get paints for 3/$1 at Michaels and a $1 tablecloth and brushes at dollar store. Then you can put them around the yard (or in a room). FUN stuff!

Anonymous said...

She DOES have the most adorable personality!! Sounds like she is having an awesome birthday week!

Great reminder about the rocks, Mindy!!


Teresa DiMillo said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Kendall, Taelyn is soooo excited to celebrate with you!!

Jessica said...

Happy birthday Kendall!! Alayna is excited to celebrate with you too :)

Totally agree that Color Me Mine is too expensive.