Monday, May 19, 2014

fudge brownie and cookie dough cake

*Yesterday we had dinner at In & Out for dinner. Chris' cousin and a friend were vacationing in Palm Springs and drove out to meet us. We had such a nice time visiting with her. Sidenote: Is there ever a time In & Out ISN'T busy??? :)

*Today my moms' group met at a local fire station for a tour. Here are Kendall and her two buddies. How cute do they all look? 

*Kendall's favorite snack right now is yogurt with Rice Krispies on top. She got this from me because I love the combination of textures. Since I've been trying to up my protein, I have been into yogurt topped with Kashi Go Lean Crunch. Yum!

*My parents got Kendall a Ziggle for her birthday. Our neighbors have one and Kendall would always steal it to ride. She ADORES this thing and rides it all the time with her little friends. It's a pretty ingenious idea and it's great because it's almost impossible to fall off.

*I wonder what percentage of things we Pin actually are followed through and tried. I bet it's pretty low. I know the likelihood of me making this cake is not high because I just don't have many occasions for cakes like this. But how could I not Pin it?? Wow.

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Jessica said...

Lol, that's quite the cake!

I haven't heard of that ziggle thing, but it looks fun!