Thursday, May 1, 2014

lego friends

*The past two days have had stronger wind then we've had in a few years. It literally will knock me forward while I try to walk. We are so ready for it to be over!

*Kendall has been insisting on having a Frozen themed birthday cake. I like to make the kids' cakes each year and I could not find an Ana or Elsa cake that was remotely doable for a novice like myself. So I finally changed her mind by showing her a Lego Friends cake that she loved. Hopefully it will turn out like the picture I found on Pinterest...

*The other night I was talking with some friends about things we said we would never do as moms, but then ended up doing. Here are a few of mine:

-Never have a sticky/messy mouthed kid in public: I've failed at this one many times 
-Never use "you won't get dessert if..." as a threat: Um...who HASN'T done this??? :)
-Never take my kids in public in their PJ's: I've actually stayed true to this one

*The other day I went to Target to use a gift card I got for my birthday. I got several cute shirts including this one. I've realized that I now am drawn more toward the womens' section as opposed to the junior section. The shirts are longer and more my 35 year old style. :)

*I'm currently waiting for Cam's Speech Pathologist to call. I have Kendall all set up in her room with toys and music so I can talk privately (she's old enough to where I don't want her hearing me talk about the in's and out's of Cameron's stuff). 

*I'll admit that the character development is starting to draw me into Walking Dead. But do we REALLY have to see the insides of the zombies as well as close up shots of them being shot in the head? :)


Teresa DiMillo said...

Seriously, Walking Dead will get Sssooooo much better! The things we thought we'd never do has really hit me hard. Parenting is hard stuff! Everything I secretly judged before having kids of my own, God brought them all onto me to teach me a lesson!

Jessica said...

That cake is super cute, you can do it :-)

I'm going to start Walking Dead next week when I have tons of editing to do :) I'm curious.