Tuesday, May 13, 2014

follow me

*I've been getting headaches off and on now for the past three weeks. Today is rather difficult. I've been doing some research and am wondering if I'm a little protein deficient. I rarely eat meat anymore and I don't think I'm getting enough protein. Starting Monday I'm going to 1. Increase my protein 2. Cut down on sugar (real and fake). Why start Monday? Because Chris and I are going out Saturday night and date night HAS to include a decadent dessert. :)

*Cameron had a school performance last Friday followed by a sweet Mother's Day time back in his classroom. I ate up every minute.

*Our church is reading the book, Follow Me, together as a congregation. Chris and I didn't join a small group (which they encouraged to accompany the series) but we are still reading the book. I wasn't sure what to think at first. He is not a beat around the bush writer. But I'm really liking it now.

*Flashback pic: Back when Cam was around age two, we would frequent Walmart a few times a week. We had a whole routine of going to see the fish tanks, walking around the toys, reading books, and then running up and down the grocery aisles. It was simply something to do to get us out of the house. :)

*Kendall is starting to point out little quirks Cam does. He REALLY, REALLY does not like this. On one hand I don't want her to upset him. However on the other hand, unfortunately at some point kids will point these things out to him at school and I almost feel like he needs to get a little negative feedback in order to try his best to stop. :(


Anonymous said...

Awww, I remember those "trips to Walmart" days.

For the protein/low sweets experiment, why odn't you just say, "I'm going to start tomorrow, but on Sat. night I'll take a break from it?" :)


Anonymous said...

How is the "more protein/less sugar" plan going??

-Susan =)