Friday, May 16, 2014

stick of butter rice

*Today was a really rough day. My headache from Monday has yet to go away and this morning I also felt sick to my stomach. I ended up picking up Cam early from school and heading home to rest. The kids were so sweet (in part thanks to watching Despicable Me) and let me rest all afternoon. Here they are outside after a run on the slip n' slide. I would have loved to know what they were talking about. :)

*When my parents came over a while back to celebrate my birthday, one of my birthday questions was, "What is your all time favorite movie?" I would have to say Father of the Bride.

*Yesterday we had our picture taken for our church directory. I don't know many people who enjoy this process and Chris is no exception. Afterward he texted a friend about going to bootcamp that night (he had already been in the morning). Upon being asked why he wanted to go again he answered, "Well, we just got family pictures done and I looked like I swallowed our third child." I'm bummed he felt so badly about how he looked but I sure love his sense of humor! Sidenote: I asked Chris if I could write that and he was all for it :)

*Right now Chris is at Costco with the kids for dinner, to give me more rest time, and to conquer quite a list:
-Frozen veggies
-Graham Crackers
-Toilet Paper
-Chocolate Chips

*My latest Pin sounds incredibly unhealthy, but so yummy. 

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