Monday, May 5, 2014

dirty diaper

*We are having a lot of excitement around here regarding Kendall's birthday on Wednesday. "Is it tomorrow?", "Is it after night-night?" This morning she was in a festive mood and created a whole party scene on our coffee table (this party, however, was for Elsa).

*Cameron is REALLY into, "Clone Wars". It's basically an extension of Star Wars, but animated. We are thinking it might be time to show him the real movies. :)

*Today Chris came into the kitchen as I was eating some riced cauliflower:

Chris: So you actually like the taste of that??
Kelly: Yep!
Chris: So what you are saying is that you like to eat out of a baby's dirty diaper.
Ahhh...that's my husband.  :)  In his defense, I will admit that riced cauliflower smells terrible! The entire house stinks.

*Anyone else excited for the return of 24??? 

*Back in high school I ordered a bagel with strawberry cream cheese. What was brought out was a bagel with regular cream cheese and strawberry jam on top. At first I was annoyed, but after the first bite I became a huge fan of the combo.

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