Sunday, May 4, 2014

mexico to canada

Yesterday was such a fun afternoon celebrating my birthday with my parents. We wanted to show them Whitewater Preserve where we had hiked several months ago. Unfortunately the river flowing through it was non-existent. However we ended up having a fun time and Cameron really got into boulder hopping. :)

It was quite hot and shade was not too easy to find. Here are the kids enjoying the umbrella my mom had packed. :)

So the highlight of the day for all of us (the adults anyway) was striking up a conversation with some super nice hikers back at the trailhead. After reading Wild, I recognized their long term looking hiking gear and asked them about their trip (starting in Mexico and to end in Canada). It was fascinating to talk to them about their experience and the in's and out's of hiking that long of a distance. Cam was actually quite enthralled at the miles they were covering as well. :)

Once we got home, we ate lunch and had some yummy birthday cake my mom had made. Such a fun day. :)


Anonymous said...

Yes,it was a great day!!! And talking to the hikers was fascinating.

Anonymous said...

Oh sounds super fun!!!

Susan =)