Saturday, May 3, 2014

food stuff

The past few days I've made:

Kale brownies: I've written about these before. Full disclosure, my kids have dessert most every dinner. Ideally I give them something homemade so at least I know what is in it (though this isn't always the case). These are great to pop out of the freezer and they love them.

Chicken Apple Sausage Couscous: I varied the stuff we put into it (used different sausage, didn't have cranberries, etc.), but the seasonings I kept the same and the flavor was wonderful...well, unless you are like Cam and I and can't handle anything remotely spicy. So while the curry gave it great flavor, it was a tad too much for us. :) If you aren't a wimp, though, you should try it. Chris and Kendall loved it.

Cream Cheese Coffee Cake: I made this for my moms' group table yesterday. If your favorite part about coffee cake is the crumbles, make this. There are a ton! The cream cheese layer was really yummy too. :)

I'm blogging while the kids are out for donuts with daddy :) Sidenote: Kendall almost wanted me to pack her a piece of the above coffee cake instead of getting a donut (I let her try some yesterday). It's that good. :)

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