Wednesday, May 21, 2014


6: Number of chocolate chips I put on top of Kendall's banana bread this morning. We road our bikes up to Starbucks and I told her we would eat a treat once there. Banana bread wouldn't be considered a true treat (considering I've splurged for a scone before), however with the addition of the chocolate chips, she was quite happy.

15: The number of tokens it took to create a super exciting outing for the kids today. We went to Chuck E Cheese after school. Out of my initial $25 purchase of tokens, I've already gotten three visits and have probably four more to go. :)

9: The number on the scale of how I feel today (1-10). My headache is almost gone. Considering this is now day eight, it's about time!!!

10: Chris' excitement when he opened his lunch the other day (he was working at church). Normally his lunches consist of pretty low calorie stuff, but I decided to surprise him with my leftover meatball sandwich from when we went out with his parents a while back. He was so excited that he actually texted me a picture with a, "Was this a mistake????" message. :)

 26: The number of pounds of chicken Chris is currently BBQ'ing to have on hand in the freezer. I can't tell you how much time this saves me nearly every day. He almost always has something for lunch consisting of chicken.

4: The number of little guys currently squeezed on our front porch playing Monopoly. Cam is in HEAVEN.


Anonymous said...

This is one of my favorite posts in a long time!! Love every part.

Jessica said...

What a cute post :)

That's a lot of chicken!!

Love that your kids have neighbors to play with, we have no kids on our street.

You only used 15 tokens for an outing? Wow! I usually get the $10 worth and split it between my kids and it lasts about an hour. I love how exciting it is for them.