Monday, December 1, 2008

a few more pictures

Here are a few cute pictures from Thanksgiving. We always get super excited when Cam is social with others, especially his cousins. I thought it was so adorable that he wanted to pull his cousin in the wagon!

Here he is with his grandma. He had discovered a fun game of throwing rocks into the puddles.

A few other tidbits:

*Went over to my mom's this morning and had the best apple cider. She just buys the regular bottled stuff but then adds cinnamon sticks and cloves while it cooks over the stove. She has tried to pass it off to me as "dessert", to which I had to quickly put her in her place. Yes, it is sweet, but dessert?? Sorry mom.

*My current favorite Christmas album is Christmas with the Rat Pack.

*Cam has been running a high fever accompanied by a bad cough. Poor thing. The good part is that he doesn't seem to notice. You would think he would just want to laze around and sleep. Nope. Not only did he still only sleep 45 minutes all day, but he was still go, go, go!!

*We have started using corn tortillas when we make tacos. Chris will cook them over the open stove flame until they get a few charcoaled edges. So yummy!

*I had a huge long Target list today, drove the 20 minutes to get there, then realized I had forgot my wallet at home. Ugh.

*Watched "The Shooter" (with Mark Wahlberg) tonight. Very good.


susan said...

Oh that is soooo cute! I love the first picture. Yes, so fun that they had some fun moments together. And I know those will only increase!

Jessica said...

I agree... apple cider is yummy, but does not qualify as "dessert" :)

I'm looking up that Christmas album right now, it sounds fun! I love them.

Mom said...

Oh, that close-up of Cam & L in the wagon will be a classic as they grow up. Cute!

Okay, okay, I give. Cider is not dessert, BUT it can help quench a sweet tooth attack. :o)