Thursday, January 29, 2009

glen ivy

Today three friends and I (Cheryl, Emily, Jen) went to Glen Ivy for the day. Emily had 4 free passes so we couldn't pass it up! I couldn't go all the way into the jacuzzi (being pregnant and all), but I was able to dip into a warm pool, lay out, enjoy a yummy lunch, and most importantly, talk, talk, talk. :)

At the end of our time, my friends decided to dip into the mud pool. I just couldn't make myself do it. The thought of dipping in muddy water and wiping mud all over yourself, only then to let it bake on by the sun was SOOO unappealing to me. Call me a wimp, but I was quite content to watch and take pictures. Speaking of pictures, we didn't get many and the ones we did were of us in our swimsuits. And speaking for myself...I'd rather leave those pictures on the computer! :) But it sure was a fun day!

Chris took Cam to OT this morning and then to Palm Springs for lunch and to a new golf store. They are currently at a park out there and will then head home. Tonight we will begin to assemble our upstairs again after all the upheaval with the painting and tile that has been going on.

Ok, that's a quick update. Sorry again for the lack of pictures!


Jessica said...

Glen ivy is WONDERFUL! I love that place :) I love doing the mud... it makes your skin so soft afterwards.

noonie said...

good for you Kelly! You and Chris are so good to each other! He with his golf and you with your girlfriend important to meet half-way.

Jen said...

I would like to say that you need to give me a public apology for bagging on me about not trying the different flavor pizzas at GPS. I feel that you not even TRYING the mud bath at Glen Ivy is WORSE than me not trying different pizzas. If I were at GPS and they were offering samples of their off the wall topped pizzas, I would definitely try it...I'm not going to pay for a full pizza of some bizzare topping to not like it. BUT, we were at Glen Ivy, it was free, and I feel it's tragic (yes, just as tragic as getting plain cheesecake) that you didn't even TRY the experience! :) (This is all in good fun, Kelly, but I do believe I have a point! :) )

Kelly said...

Nice try Jen. Here is the difference. I'm sure some of the off the wall pizzas at least sound interesting to you..which is why you should try them. On a scale of 1-10, the mud bath interests me a 0. Why force myself then?? I do appreciate you good attempt at scratching my dirty neck, though. :)

The Urke Family said...

oh no kelly, I believe YOU are mided. That pizza you talk about sounds absolutely DISGUSTING..honestly not even a bit interesting-not even worth a try. YET i believe that if put in front of her Jen WOULD try a piece -especially if
it was a FREE opportunity to experience something new together and make a memory with friends

so you say"why force myself to do it" if it interests you "0"? ...because: it was a FREE opportunity to experience something new together and make a memory with your friends! your neck feeling itchy?? :)

Kelly said...

Let's just all agree to disagree (although taking a bite of pizza is FAR different than dipping in a pool full of mud, Cheryl!!) :)hehe