Saturday, January 10, 2009

restaurant review

First off, welcome Sierra Grace!! My sister had her third daughter yesterday. We are so thankful she was able to get to the hospital on time as her second daughter came VERY fast! The only bad thing is that I won't be able to meet her for a couple years since they live across they world. :(

Ok, so onto my restaurant review. We had heard good things about The Gourmet Pizza Shoppe (in Redlands and Calimesa) so we decided to give it a try. The menu is almost overwhelming to look at based on the number of pizzas to choose from. We decided on The Brando, which included cream cheese, pesto, pepperoni, sausage, cashews, green onions, angel hair pasta, and mozzarella.

Chris gave it an 8, I gave it a 7. It was good pizza, but considering all of those tasty toppings, I was expecting a flavor explosion in my mouth. I couldn't really taste much else besides the meat, cheese, and occasional cashew (which actually were good!). It also has thin crust, which doesn't appeal to us "thicker the crust the better" people. Considering that a large pizza is about $25, I don't think we'll make this a regular stop.

Sorry this is so fuzzy. We were using my little pocket camera and it wasn't behaving.

So there you go. If you are interested in trying a pizza with really unique toppings, this is your place. If you want to fall on the ground because the pizza is so good...hmmm...I can't quite recommend it.


Jessica said...

Oh man, we think Gourmet pizza is one of the best places around! They have SUCH good pizza. The Brando is actually one of our favorites and I think it's super flavorful. We actually order pizza's to go all the time and bring them back home... mmmmm.

Jen said...

I agree...we try to go there when we're in Redlands and are fans of it! I haven't tried that one but I'm always very pleased with my pizza! I am also a huge fan of the's so cute inside! I do agree that it does seem a bit overpriced but I think you might have to give it another try!

Kelly said...

Actually, Chris had some leftovers today and bumped up his rating. I think we might give it one more try. I think we need to not think of it as true pizza, but just a fun and unique meal. I still think it is overpriced, but the ambiance is GREAT for kids!

The Urke Family said...

it actually doesn't sound very good to me..hmm.
really? cream cheese? and angel hair pasta on your pizza? sick.
and yea! welcome sierra grace! congratulations on being an aunt again!

Mom said...

Gee, here I spend half my life in Redlands and have never eaten there. I'll have to go.

be_a_Mary said...

I am a big gourmet pizza fan!! YUM.

elkamina6 said...

Wow! A bumped up rating for leftovers?! That's impressive. I went to their website and couldn't believe all the choices. The prices were a little high if you were thinking pizza prices, but not for two people to eat Italian food out. And I found a section that had monthly coupons for a couple dollars off or a meal deal (complete with pizza, salad, and drinks for 4). It sounds worth a second try.

Team Harry said...

We have a pizza place here called Coal Vines that tries to do too much with their pizza and it isn't very impressive ; )

ps.... I updated my blog ; )