Monday, January 19, 2009


*This weekend I plowed through several boxes of girl clothes from my sister-in-law. I have to admit it was quite fun to envision our new little one in all the cute outfits...again proving my (and many people's) theory that there is so much more out there for girls than boys!

*I mentioned before that my sister gave me a subscription to Rachael Ray for Christmas, with the stipulation that I have to at least try one recipe from each issue. I tried my first one, Orange-Balsamic Chicken Thighs with Pecans and Sage Butter Pasta (long name, huh?). I used chicken breasts instead as chicken thighs gross me out. It was pretty good, but not a "wow". Will try again next issue!

*Our painter comes tomorrow to start on repainting our guest room so we can make it Cam's room in addition to re-painting the nursery for baby girl. I'm so excited! We are also having him paint the guest bath as Chris has always hated the color. I actually love it (it is a bright blue), but seeing as he still hates it after 3 years, I gave in to repainting it. :)

*We are back in the thick of 24. We took last season off b/c we were a little burnt out, but it is good to be back with Kiefer :)

*Had to go get Cam from nursery yesterday and go home early. I was bummed because this was the first time in a while. Unfortunately there were a lot of babies crying or making noises (even baby's happy noises make him cry).It is obviously a reality when you have a room full of babies, but it sure was heartbreaking to walk in and see him, sitting by himself facing the wall, crying. I cheered him right up as we left by stopping by the donut table. :)

*For some reason one of the chores I hate the most is keeping our kitchen counters clean. I'm fine keeping them clutter free, but I hate making sure they are crumb free. I also hate when I run my hands across them and there are lots of spots of caked on food. The best way I know how to get rid of them, besides scrubbing, is to put super wet pieces of napkin on each one. I let them sit for about 20 minutes, and then they easily wipe off. Not sure why I included this one in my post, but I always like finding out how people clean.


The Urke Family said...

kelly, i got the rachel ray mag for christmas too! i tried the fried chicken rollups this week but with very little 'frying' to make them more healthy and jeff gave them a 10..but then bumped it down to an 8 since they arent super should try them..they are super good!

Mom said...

Wahooooooo for all those clothes from R! Such a blessing!

Yes, I have a lot of trouble keeping my countertops clean, too, since we got granite. All the spots just hide so well.

susan said...

Bummer the meal wasn't a wow (it sounds good!) but at least it wasn't a toss-out. I've had a few of those for sure!

I'm sooooo glad you are set for girl clothes!!! It bummed me out a little to think of the boxes and boxes of darling girl clothes here that I can't share with you - so I'm so glad R can help you out!

I do the wet paper towel thing too. Great minds think alike.

be_a_Mary said...

So fun to start nesting a little and getting excited for your next nugget! So why are you moving Cam's room? WHy cant you have the baby in the guest room?

susan said...

Ditto to Karen's question - I was wondering that too.

Kelly said...

Would you believe that a big reason we don't want to move the nursery is we don't want to move the crib? Both of us aren't that great and HATE that kind of thing and know we would end up taking it down and not being able to put it back right! Plus, I like the nursery b/c it is closer to our bedroom so I can hear the baby easier (since I want to stop using the monitor quickly since I can't sleep hearing EVERY single noise).