Thursday, January 1, 2009

wild new years

Yesterday we had a great New Years, including yummy appetizers and time with wonderful friends. The only difference between our New Years and probably most other people's was that all of this was over by 6:00. :) We drove out to Jeremy and Ana's for the afternoon and just hung out until about 6:00, when we headed home and put Cam to bed. We had SUCH a fun time with them and equally as fun was that Cam did amazing at their place. We had thought we would need to get him out to a park, but we literally stayed inside their home for 3 hours and he did awesome! So exciting for me, considering I am always a little hesitant about how he'll be at someone else's home.

Once we got back to our house and put Cam to bed, we enjoyed a lovely fancy New Years dinner of Bakers (for you non-Inland Empire folk, it is basically a McDonald's, but way better). As anyone with little-wake-at-the-crack-of-dawn-ones know, staying up late isn't as easy since you don't get to sleep in. So Chris and I retired well before midnight. I won't embarrass us by telling you how early, but let's just say it wasn't too long after New York celebrated! But let's be honest, I never stayed up until midnight even before Cam!


susan said...

I'm SOOOOOOOOOO glad Cam did so well!!!! I was so happy to read that! Progress, progress!!

Mom said...

Oh, how great that you had such fun and Cam did so well.

And, yes, the late night carousing of couples often suddenly comes to a screeching halt when an early-rising baby enters their lives. I know that was an extra shock to YOUR system, given your habit of staying up till the wee hours. HARDY-HAR-HAR-HAR!