Saturday, January 31, 2009

give credit where credit is due

I love to get recipes from people, especially in their own writing.  Many times I'll ask someone to write out the recipe on one of their own cards (makes it more special for some reason) so I can put it in my box.  That way I'll think of them whenever I pull it out.  I inherited this practice from my mom.  :)

So recently as I gave one of my recipes to someone, I thought about the proper etiquette as far as properly stating who exactly the recipe was from.  For instance, if friend A gave you the original recipe and friend B wanted a copy, if they didn't know each other, would you write "Recipe from: Friend A" on the card?  In my opinion, I think you should just write that it is from yourself.  Then when your friend passes it on, they'll write that it is from their kitchen and so on.  The recipe from my sister for her Hot Pudding Cake wouldn't be as fun to bring out if it said it was from some random person I didn't know.  But is that not giving proper credit???  Hmm...


Bonnie said...

Hi Kelly,

I'm sorry to hear that you've been sick. That's miserable enough as is, but when you're pregnant, it's so much worse! :(

Speaking of recipes, I've often wanted to make that chicken, tortilla, cheese dish that you made for us twice when Daniel was born. We appreciated that so much! (I've already made your gooey bars so many times since then.) Would you be willing to send me a copy of that, please?

Oh, and I'm going to try the Land of Nod for Sunday School snacks next week.

Bonnie said...

P.S. One time, my mom was complimented on a dessert recipe. The person who liked it so much asked for the recipe. My mom replied, "Oh, it's an old family recipe that's a secret." The secret is that it was a Cool-Whip recipe - ha!

Mom said...

My opinion: definitely put your own name on it. Who wants a recipe in their box from "Mary Johnson" if they don't KNOW a Mary Johnson?

And, yes, I have recipes in my sweet mother's handwriting that I'll never give up...& an old roommate's.

susan said...

I think I agree with Mom. Yet the "rules-follower/ truth-lover" part of me is starting to twitch. =)

Team Harry said...

One of my friends husband just lamenated and bound all of her recipes for her for Christmas! It's the most special thing for her to have all the family recipes in their handwrititng. She loves to see the food staines and fingerprints on all the pages. It's very cool!!
Even though I didn't get any recipes from my Mom, someday I hope to be able to pass recipes down to my kids.